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Steve Ireland vk6vz at
Mon Dec 12 01:05:17 EST 2005

Craig, K1QX said:

>The key Steve is for the dx station to QSX OUTSIDE of the window! Just 
>like the "old days" when we still had Loran A to contend with.  I'm 
>surprised no one has mentioned that yet.

Hi Craig

You are right to a point, mate.  The main thing is for the DX window to be 
free of European and North Americans CQing, so there is room for the DX to 
operate there.  At the moment, stations as remotely situated from the main 
centres of population as VK6 or ZS or 9V1 or YB etc have no chance to even 
get a toehold in there to transmit.

Being able to hear stations, whether QSX or on the same frequency, is the 
least of the problems.  I can receive on the same QRG and work stations 
quickly if I can actually get a space to transmit in, where I am 
(relatively) not going to get stamped on.

One very important point for everyone who is interested in this debate is 
to let the DX stations actually define what they want - which in my case 
and those stations of my acquaintance who are far from continental 
Europe/North America is simply a 5KHz-plus window where they can transmit in.

Frankly, I am happy if other DX stations receive on the same frequency or 
QSX - that is up to them.  It would be nice to have a window where everyone 
can hear US - cos we are usually weak.

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ

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