Topband: dx windows

Ronald Sekkel py2fus at
Mon Dec 12 07:53:39 EST 2005

At 09:44 12/12/2005, Steve Ireland wrote:

>Craig, K1QX said:
> >The key Steve is for the dx station to QSX OUTSIDE of the window! Just
> >like the "old days" when we still had Loran A to contend with.  I'm
> >surprised no one has mentioned that yet.

I was just thinking about it !

>Being able to hear stations, whether QSX or on the same frequency, is the
>least of the problems.  I can receive on the same QRG and work stations
>quickly if I can actually get a space to transmit in, where I am
>(relatively) not going to get stamped on.

Steve, the problem is if the US or EU station transmits within the DX 
window, he is QRMing around his area, "closing" the window for others to QSO.

In the old days of the 1820-1825 window, the US station knew he 
should QSX around 1805-1810, even if we do no call CQ with the QSX 
info. I worked several US stations this way, including Stew, W1BB. 
And it was very funny, because you had to listen carefully to find 
the other station calling you. I agree this method may not work now. 
Perhaps a fixed QSX of -25Khz would work, so we would have a parallel 
window for US stations to transmit, between 1805-1810.

Another important point for me is the fact some station do not 
realize we, in the southern hemisphere, are getting into summer time 
now, with all QRN and thunder storms normal to this situation. I'm 
sure you heard the expression "noise fighter" before. People need to 
realize most times it's hard for us to dig signals from the noise.


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