Topband: The death of 160m DX contests?

Bill Tippett btippett at
Mon Dec 12 07:49:00 EST 2005

 >Steve, VK6VZ wrote:
 > >........................ because if there
 > >isn't some changes in rules to make life more interesting for fools like
 > >myself in the southern hemisphere who are content to make half a dozen QSOs
 > >over 24-hours in a 160m contest, we will be extinct.....
 >Hear hear!
 >Raoul, ZS1REC

 >same feeling down here..... ;<

         A SIMPLE rule would be no Northern
Hemisphere stations within the window.  That
might need to be defined to exclude HC8 who
is nearly on the Equator.  But it would also
exclude the Middle East, North Africa and the
North Pacific, all of which are rare areas.

         Unfortunately there is no simple rule.IMHO we're better 
advised to work on improving
our RX antennas than trying to define some
magic rule which compensates for the lack of
good RX antennas.  Perhaps the difficulty of
hearing well is what attracts so many of us
to Topband in the first place.  If it were easy,
we would be doing something else like EME
(but even that is becoming easier with the new
computer-to-computer modes like JT65).

                         73,  Bill  W4ZV  

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