Topband: Dirty Harry and the DX window

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Subject: Re: Topband: Dirty Harry and the DX window
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 11:54:47 +0100

We all know that if You want to absolutely win a Contest (a pure 
nonsense in my opinion) You have to move where 
geographical/propagation conditions maximize scores, obtaining the 
best benefit by contest rule/scoring.
Moving to such a location generally scrambles up real skills (as 
operator) and hides station gaps.
Moreover, I always asked to me if a so called good operators with 
little or no knowledge (interest) in how to arrange a competitive 
radio station is really an Ham, and which sort of fun is to operate 
from someone else station without having made any work in erecting it 
and learned nothing from the job.
Are contest created to award talented push buttons with good ears?
I don't think so....
There is not a leveled playing field in any contest, 20 meters 
included, if the competition area is big like a continent or a world. 
There is instead a reasonable leveled playing field if the 
competition is restricted into limited areas, i.e. a State.
Here I don't see anything bad if the combination of more efficient 
setup and best skill dominates, moreover considering that defined 
categories could level the field easily.
To place (score) much more a long distance qso against a short 
distance is a good idea, but setting out from the game who is not 
able to work over 3000 miles or out of continent for most of the time 
does not appear a good solution, unless the goal is to prevent 
participation and to make the game boring, likewise to contact the 
same few guys each time.

Mauri I4JMY

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