Topband: strange echos

Dennis OConnor ad4hk2004 at
Mon Dec 12 08:18:58 EST 2005

 Ducting around the world will take roughly 130 milliseconds (0.130 sec.) A long time delay to be a direct echo, dit + echo, at 18 wpm...  Now, a string of dits could duct around the world and come back to lay inbetween the dits you are currently transmitting, though keeping them in registration is a bit iffy in my mind... The other thing is that when you let off the key, how many dits did you hear echoed?  And what is the recovery time in milliseconds for your receiver?

Did your buddy make a wav of what he was hearing in real time?  that would be interesting to hear...

A possibility is that you were getting ducting, not around the world, but up into the auroral zone along a magnetic line and then back around...


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