Topband: strange echos

Ian Keyser ian.keyser at
Mon Dec 12 08:35:16 EST 2005

At first there was a trailing tail to my dots.   This appeard to fade and 
then the secod dot in the middle of the space appeared.... and got strong, S 
5 or so.... this then faded away over a tens of minutes and the tail re 

I am really not sure of the speed, I know I was not going fast, and so it's 
a guess at 18.

What really annoys me now is that I run an IC7800 and have never explored 
the record button on it.... thinking it was a bit of a gimmic as you cannot 
re transmit it, I'll read up about that now!

Last night the trailing echo was present but never heard the longer delayed 

Come to think of it I would say that the delayed echo not delayed as long as 
an HF round the world signal.

Ian, G3ROO 

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