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    > > Only S&P'ing greatly reduces the number of stations who can work you.
    > To ease up the intense competition for limited run frequencies, the contest
    > organizers should create a S&P-only category and allow S&P'ers to compete
    > for top honors separately.

    It appears that someone has put their money where you mouth is, and is 
    sponsoring the world's first plaque for the highest score of an S&P only
    score in the Stew Perry contest.  

    Stand by for more details.

    73 Tree N6TR

    Lets see now... If only 10 stations call CQ, then they will all work a thousand or so stations and the S/Pers will be in gigantic pile-ups to net only 10 QSO's.(and eventually give up).  
    The thing that makes a CQ'er S&P, is knowing that there are casual CQ'ers that come on the band and then go away. To win you must find and work those stations.

    Maybe we need an s/p only, no computer, QRP class that only operates during daylight hours. That would reduce the QRM.
    John K9DX
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