Topband: Calling twice?

Tree tree at
Mon Dec 12 13:00:09 EST 2005

> So if there are hundreds of stations calling the dx, the suggestion is that
> you can only drop your call twice?  So instead of riotous tail-ending, you
> actually give the dx a chance to come back to somebody quickly and give
> everybody a chance to actually hear who the dx comes back to?  Brilliant.

Well, I was calling a station on 80 meters last night (a UA3), that I sent 
my call to about 45 times, and he still didn't get it right.

Another problem is that sending N6TR twice and sending WA5VGI/6 isn't the
same thing.  

The simple solution for this situation is for the DX station to go split.
Even I, as a non-rare station have to do this on occasion when I get a 
pile of Europeans calling me on 40 meter long path.   

Way too often, a DX station that stays simplex ends up answering the guy
who calls the most often.  This just drives the rest of us nuts and we 
are determined to be that guy next time.  


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