Topband: Conditions last night

Roger Parsons ve3zi at
Tue Dec 13 16:23:54 EST 2005

I was very struck by the sudden change in conditions
last night. At 0400Z the band was completely dead here
- could only barely hear the EA cross band CQ machine.
At about 0500 I weakly heard TA3D calling on 1834.
Called myself silly and was eventually answered by
RA4LW who was exceptionally weak (he is usually very
loud). Presumably TA3D and RA4LW were not hearing each
other at that point, and TA3D afterwards moved up the
band a bit. He got stronger and stronger, but nobody
that I heard from NA was able to get a response. At
about 0600 the floodgates opened and all of Europe -
including UA - was very strong here until I closed
down at about 0700. HUGE Eu pileup for YS1RR who was
unfortunately not working split.

It all goes to make life interesting!

73 Roger

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