Topband: Conditions last night

Jim Scott zebrahauler at
Tue Dec 13 17:45:23 EST 2005

     I listened to VE3ZI and N1BUG both try to work TA3D unsuccessfully last 
night.  TA3D faded at his sunrise but later I herd a YU work someone on 1835 
and gave 73 to TA3D!  Once again TA3D began to come out of the noise cqing 
at a solid 559. This was at 0529 utc.  He worked N1BUG,YS1RR myself WK3N and 
several others before fading again.  By 0600 utc DF2PY was cqing at 599 plus 
and I  could hear a mass of stations trying to work a super strong YS1RR as 
well as PZ5PA (not RA). Countless other EU's were strong as well. The band 
was better that I have herd it in several years.  Anyone care to theorize? 
de Scotty WK3N

"WK3N NEVER SLEEPS" Quote by OH2BH Martti Laine.
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>I was very struck by the sudden change in conditions
> last night. At 0400Z the band was completely dead here
> - could only barely hear the EA cross band CQ machine.
> At about 0500 I weakly heard TA3D calling on 1834.
> Called myself silly and was eventually answered by
> RA4LW who was exceptionally weak (he is usually very
> loud). Presumably TA3D and RA4LW were not hearing each
> other at that point, and TA3D afterwards moved up the
> band a bit. He got stronger and stronger, but nobody
> that I heard from NA was able to get a response. At
> about 0600 the floodgates opened and all of Europe -
> including UA - was very strong here until I closed
> down at about 0700. HUGE Eu pileup for YS1RR who was
> unfortunately not working split.
> It all goes to make life interesting!
> 73 Roger
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