Topband: Stew Perry rules change

Rick Karlquist richard at
Tue Dec 13 19:38:02 EST 2005

Tree wrote:
> There was a request from one station for a minor rule change in the Stew
> Perry contest.  The Boring ARC rules committee met this morning and agreed
> to the following change:  All antennas used for transmitting and receiving
> must be located < 100 km from each other.
> The previous rule read that all antennas needed to be at the same QTH.
> The intent of this rule was to prevent someone from using a receiving
> location far away from their QTH to improve the ability to hear stations
> that would be otherwise impossible to hear.  The intent was not to
> prevent a remote receiving installation that was nearby the transmitter.

I think this is a really great rule change.  I think remote receiving
sites are the wave of the future for low bands.  I have been researching
remote receiving sites for some time.  I figured I would either not
be able to use one in contests or have to operate portable from the
site.  At least for the SP, this is no longer a problem.   Now I need to
draw a 100 km radius circle on a map centered on my TX QTH...

This new rule raises the question:  is it legal for two or more stations to
share the same remote receive antenna and operate their TX stations
independently as separate single op entries?  They would have separate
receivers and wouldn't know what the other(s) were listening to.

Rick N6RK

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