Topband: Mr murphy Dxhogg at
Sun Dec 18 09:30:50 EST 2005

After reading 0n4ww article about Mr Murphy I thought I would  recount my 
bout with  the miserable fellow.This all started aprox 8 1/2  years ago and with 
a 10 year hiatus from the hobby other than working the major  expeditions on 
the higher bands...the low freq bands were low priority...About 2  years ago I 
got bit by the low band dxing bug again and was surprised to hear to  my 
dismay a loud buzzing noise which was very freq specific 1.800-1.830 not  a peep 
below and above very quiet.i had thought for sure my neighbor next door  was 
deliberately qrming me.he is a engineer type and very jealous because of  tower 
restrictions the tale goes I had tried everything....till last  Friday I 
was working on a humongous antenna tuner for top band and I needed to  have a 
dark area to view under the chassis so I unplugged the overhead  florescent 
light to use a little mag light to look under the pair of roller  inductors to 
make sure there was no foreign debris under to arc over. I turned  the mag 
light off and looked up at the overhead light and saw a aurora blue  light 
running back and forth in the ligh.ti went and got my sangean ats505 and  dialed up 
1.825 and guess what there was the I would take my hand  and 
touch the light fixture that was unplugged the tubes would get  brighter....Mr 
Murphy you really suck I found you.....well removing the light  fixture that I 
had thought was possessed by evil demons I found above the light  the real 
cause of the that 10 year hiatus I had a electrician  totally rewire 
the house.when he replaced the service panel he had taken a brute  force line 
filter I had attached to the old service panel and installed it on a  ceiling 
joist and had not grounded evil transmitter has been  
silenced....its a awesome feeling to take that dirty bas---- out side and smash  the hell 
out of it with a sledge hammer......anybody need a couple of hundred  snap on 
beads    73  ray  nr1r

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