Topband: Log Submission

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at
Sun Dec 18 15:47:09 EST 2005

Hi all,

A couple of questions about my log submission:

I used CT DOS IARU mode and am editing the log using word pad. The log 
submission robot can be very picky, so I want to get every detail right 
the first time.

There is a "CLAIMED-SCORE:" line. I am not calculating my score and 
leaving that to the Boring robot. Should I leave that line in with no 
data, or remove it altogether?

Can other blank unused lines, such as "CLUB:" be deleted, or does the 
robot want them, even if blank?

Can repeated lines such as "ADDRESS:" and "OPERATORS:" which are blank 
be deleted, or does the robot need the exact number of lines even when 
some are blank?

In the "CONTEST:" line, what is the correct format? "STEW"?, "SP"?, 

In CT IARU Contest mode there is a line "ARRL-SECTION:  " . Obviously 
this is not applicable for the Stew Perry test. I presume I can just 
delete it, and I need to make a line which specifies my grid square. 
What is the exact format of that line? "GRID:    BK29" ? Or 
"GRID-SQUARE:     BK29"?

What about DUP contacts? I like to leave them in, so that the one that 
is in the other guys log does not get deleted. Is it okay (ie: no 
penalty, and the Boring robot will not count more than one QSO with a 
station) to leave DUPs in?

I expect others may also need the answers to these questions in order to 
successfully submit their logs, so I think it is worthwhile to post on 
the reflector.

Thanks for the bandwidth, and also thank you all for the many, many 
repeats on grid squares. The QRN here in KH6 was really, really bad.

73 DE KH6/N6KB

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