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Ricardo cu2ju at
Mon Dec 19 08:03:32 EST 2005

Hi Topers,

First my big thanks to all who bared with me, the situation was simple I had ALL the SP contest 
period S-9 of noise, sometimes I used the filter not to eliminate QRM but to reast my ears hi, and i 
apologise to anyone below my noise calling me because it was almost impossible.

I am TEH REAL noise figther because I use only one wire for TX and RX anyone doubting that is 
welcome to visit me hi, local food is great and i have one extra bed.
I ran as always (cant aford any) 100 watts, no amplifiers here never had them and above all wich is 
hard on a cold nigth, my faitfull key, i hope some of the "Big Ears" like K3NA that was stupidly 
strong down here notice I use key and sometimes its not easy to maintain a steady pulse hi!

So some may ask, why? Because its more "natural", chalanging and i could say "more human".
Also no internet where I have my 160m capable antenna.

Thanks to all who called me I only called a french station and a US station sunday mornning, because 
they were very strong and i needed a break, came out after all I had to give them my call a few 
times so no more calling , better to be called hi.

I made 90 contacts, I havent checked yet but at least 3 new states I am almost there in one year in 
my conditions its something to be proud. I have read a bit about last Stew Perry contest sounds very 
interesting, here is a new plaque Idea for next year, I havent seen it this year, Plaques for the 
best straigth Key score hi hi!

Thanks all who called me again, Merry Christmas, and see u on the band on xmas hopefully.

PS: whats the best free software to calculate my scores?

73's de Ricardo Chaves
CU2JU - HM77ET - EU003
ex:CU2AAV NOV1999/JUL2004
cu2ju at

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