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Dennis OConnor ad4hk2004 at
Mon Dec 19 08:08:07 EST 2005

 Well, I got on for a few hours...

Still having intermittent RFI in the computer in spite of every line being heavily choked and switching to a Logitech IR keyboard...  So, to those who worked me and are sure that I was
1. Drunk <not>
2. stoopid <hope not>
3.too incompetent to be licensed <jury is still out on that one>

I was fighting with the computer's, stuttering, freezing up in the middle of a Q, scrambling the call sign when logging it, switching between S&P and RUN in the middle of a Q <which kinda throws you off>, jumping the radio to a new band <jeez>, and outright crashing <twice>...  What is really frustrating is that i was an early adopter of computer logging, even writing my own logging program for the Apple II in the early 80's, and never had RFI that I could not solve within minutes... Now, I am suddenly, absolutely plagued with intermittent, severe, RFI that is resistant to every trick I know...

Anyway, I quit at 0300Z from fatigue <up for 24 hours> with some 200 Q's in the log (and a few I lost (sorry K5ZD - pull me from your log or give me the time of the Q so I can re-insert it))...   What I did accomplish was to field test <and prove> a new 160 antenna array, one that I am happy with...

denny - k8do

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