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Mon Dec 19 12:22:36 EST 2005

Greetings all

Have recently moved into a new place with lotsa space.

In the last few days I worked VK and a couple of W7s on a dipole at 40ft
(albeit in excellent condx), and am now getting very interested in doing
some more DXing, before the winter season ends.

Right now I have the hardware for an Inverted L with a 74ft vertical section,
but there are some queries which I am sure some of you hardened 160m DXers
can help answer.

1)  The perceived wisdom seems to be that a 1/4 wave is best for lower angle
radiation ie in this case an approx horizontal length of 60 - 70 ft.  (Have
read that a 3/8 wave is OK but this antenna yields quite a bit of high angle
Am I on the right lines?

2) Do I use tuned 1/4 wave radials or would  radials of a longer length be
better (the field area measures 440 x 550 ft).
 - so it would be possible to lay down radials of any straight length between
220 - 275 ft.

3) Is it preferable to have radials running under, along or elevated above
ground (say 3ft)?  The ground is errrr damp (!), but am really not sure how
good it really is.

4) There is a 6 wire aluminium fence round the whole property - total length
of each wire is approx 2000ft.  I gess this will enhance performance if connected?
(but do I connect if 1/4 wave radials are preferable to random length ones)?

5) Is an Inverted L better than a 'T' ?

Would really appreciate comments and suggestions.

73 de CRIS


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