Topband: CT Log Clean-Up for Stew-Perry herbs at
Thu Dec 22 11:56:06 EST 2005

I used the ARRL VHF section of the CT version 10.0.2 which allowed for the
easy logging of contacts replete with the required grid square.  At the
conclusion of the contest I initiated the "WRITEARRL" command and produced a
Cabrillo log for sending off to TBDC at but the log was rejected
time and time again.

The rejection, I learned, required the entry of 800 signal reports, to satisfy
Cabrillo even though no signal reports were required to be sent during the
contest. I didn't want to enter 800 signal reports manually just to satisfy a
robot so I looked for an easier solution.

The fix was an easy one and took only a few seconds:

(1) Transport the log from its Cabrillo .txt to Excel.
(2) Align the qso's and columns to reasonable width from the top to avoid any
under scan.
(3) Enter a sent and received report for the first contact, i.e. "599" in the
spaces created after the call signs.

(4) drag the right bottom  corner of the signal report box while depressing the
right button and drag to the bottom of the log.  You will see that when you
release the right button everybody now has a report.
(5) This must be done twice, once for TX report and once for RX report.
(6) Save as a .txt doc and when you reopen you will see that the changes are
what the Cabrillo robot want.

I hope this information will be helpful to a topbander.

73 and Merry Christmas

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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