Topband: "Magnetic Receiving Loop / small loop , brief summary.

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Subject: RE: Topband: "Magnetic Receiving Loop / small loop , brief summary.
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Apparently some people desperately want to hear: "yes this small so called
magnetic loop is as good as Tom's phased Beverage's, or John's (K9DX)
9-circle", and "yes you can do it all from 1/2 acre, no need for Beverages
etc etc. "

Indeed you can do a lot (DX wise) from a small lot, look at what my friend
George, K2UO has achieved on 160m. But you can never be one of the louder
stations in a contest, or you can never be one of the few stations making it
when the band is almost dead.

Using a small so-called magnetic loop you will never compete with a Beverage
under marginal conditions.

No, there is NO free lunch in this real world.

I thought that, with the help of W8JI, the whole issue of receiving antennas
on the low bands (160 and 80) was pretty well covered in depth in the latest
edition of my book. And, I would like to thank you once again, Tom, for your
advice en help.

Well, maybe it's time someone new in the game published a book that teaches
us how to do it properly?


John, ON4UN

PS: by the way, I never have worked KR1S on 160 or 80, and I have
  44,000 QSO's on 160 in my log.. Last QSO with KR1S was 1992 on 40m.

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