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W5FKX - Don w5fkx at
Thu Dec 22 13:43:04 EST 2005

Re: Topband: "Magnetic Receiving Loop / small loop , brief, Jim posted:

>While it is good news that so many hams are building exceptional stations 
>for the low bands, I worry that people who can't build >exceptional 
>stations will shy away for fear they cannot make contacts unless they have 
>Beverages and large vertical transmitting >antennas.

Right on, Jim!

Although I would never want to discourage the descriptions and discussions 
of the great (i.e., large) antennas as it is usually of informational value, 
thought-provoking, and often goal-inspiring, to read of such accomplishments 
by our fellow hams, there are many of us for whom such things are just 
elements of wishful thought.  It would be equally useful to have more 
information that would be useful to those of us who live in very noisy, 
space-limited environments. BTW, by large, I mean anything that cannot fit 
into a 30ft x 30 ft backyard. After almost 50 years of hearing that acres 
and tall towers were needed, I finally decided to try some semblance of an 
inverted-L (40 ft x 90 ft) between two trees from front-to-back of my lot. 
It took me 5 years to finally achieve DXCC on topband this year and I loved 
every noisy, frustrating minute of it! :-)

Now, if only I could figure out how to put up a useful, non-obtrusive, rx 
antenna ...

Delta DX Association 

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