Topband: KR1S comments -right on!

Rick Karlquist richard at
Thu Dec 22 22:08:34 EST 2005

W5FKX - Don wrote:
 It would be equally useful to have more
> information that would be useful to those of us who live in very noisy,
> space-limited environments. BTW, by large, I mean anything that cannot fit

1.  Get a linear, preferrably 1.5 kW
2.  Get a rig with an effective noise blanker
3.  Get a 100 Hz audio DSP filter
4.  Put up a simple receiving loop and orient it to null out the noise.
May or may not work, but worth a try
5.  If running a vertical, use top loading wires.
6.  Get a Titanex vertical, which can be tilted up at night and laid down
before the neighbors see it in the morning.
7.  Try a beverage on the ground (BOG) or beverage on the fence if your
situation allows you to sneak something like this.
8.  If you have a tower, hang a sloper from it or shunt feed it.
9.  If you have an inverted vee for 80 or 40, use it as a top loaded

Hope that helps.

Rick N6RK

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