N4BAA - Jose Castillo n4baa at
Fri Dec 23 11:09:19 EST 2005

Happy Holidays to Everyone...

Taking a moment to close the loop regarding my ON GROUND BEVERAGE (OGB) 

I only have room for 301 foot beverages....but now have 2! at EU 
and the other just
North of West from here in Va Bch...

Happy to report that they are working better than I 
expected...experimentation proved 180 ohms to be about the best for
consistant SWR from 1.5 to almost 7 mhz.  Using W8JI binocular cores...

Despite having almost 140 countries on top band...I have worked 11 new 
ones this winter....
Never had a VK either...but this morning worked Mike VK6HD and would NOT 
have been able to accomplish this
without the Western-ish OGB!!!

Thanks to everyone for their cheerleading and shared knowledge in making 
160M experience oh so much better!!
Thanks Again....and Merry Christmas!!

Jose Castillo - N4BAA

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