Topband: Merry Christmas from NW6S

Jim & Carolyn Kingsbury kingsburys at
Fri Dec 23 12:44:41 EST 2005

Just wanted to wish each of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR AND 
LOTS OF 160 QSO IN 2006.

It's been a real pleasure and learning experience to read all your posts on 
the reflector, hear your calls in the pile ups and work some of you on the 
air.  I hope that some day I can enjoy an eyeball qso with you.  Looking 
forward to more in 2006.

I agree that 160 is indeed intimidating and challenging.  It an 80 meters 
are the two bands wher you just don't just go to the "CANDY STORE" and buy a 
rig and antenna and start working DX the next day.  On 40 meters and up 
almost anyone with any size lot can can assemble store bought antennas or 
dipoles and work DXCC is a short time (one weekend in a contest).  Not so on 
80 and 160.  You must become educated on both xmit and receive antennas and 
in most cases assemble your own.  That's what makes it so much fun and 

Also got an early Xmas present last week.  My 100th qsl on 160!!  So the 
easy ones are done already Hi Hi.

73 Jim NW6S

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