Topband: Boring Report

Tree tree at
Fri Dec 23 12:54:42 EST 2005

The past three evenings have supported European QSOs from Oregon - with 
improving conditions each evening as Wolf has reported.  Last night, 13
Europeans made it into my log.  Most were SMs, but SV3RF answered one
of my CQs, before holding court on 1818.5 and working many west coast
stations.  CT1FKL was a nice QSO to finish the opening.  RA4LW and RA6AX
also made it into the log.

This AM, heard several JA stations, but no Europe.  Did manage to work
Bob, YB5AQB, to finally give him US for a new country.  His signal was
best on my recently added JA beverage - right at my sunrise.

Am hoping to get a new European beverage up this weekend as we have gone
rather beverage happy after the success of the JA one.  

73 Tree N6TR/7
Boring, OR

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