Topband: Great condx in Pa

Jim Scott zebrahauler at
Fri Dec 23 13:53:54 EST 2005

It's seem the band opened a bit late here in Pennsylvania but did it with a bang.  EU's were answering west coast DXer's cq's.  It was an early Christmas for the west coast with many putting a few new ones in the log. VQ9LA was a solid 579 here at times.  Larry struggled for many minutes trying to pull out VE3DO's suffix but his high qrn and a non-stop caller in 5 land prevented that qso .  Later UN7AB was herd ,but too light for me.  After hearing VE1ZJ work him ,he did come up to full copy for one cq.  Congrats John.  With this mornings super reports, I may have to take up sleeping during the day!!  What a great evening it was.  Happy Holidays de Scotty WK3N.

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