Topband: Boring Report

Tree tree at
Sat Dec 24 03:34:52 EST 2005

What an evening.  Heard SM5EDX right at sunset - although it took him a 
little while to hear me.  Had to go and get dinner, and when I came back,
OH3XR was coming through - followed by SM4CAN who was back to his old
self with a consistent signal for most of the evening.  UT3MD was 
coming through pretty well and eventually heard me calling.  OH2BO was
even stronger than OH3XR at 0336z, and then LY2IJ made it into the log
at 0339z.  I noticed TR8CA was working W0FLS and Alain was coming in for
about 20 minutes or so - working a number of west coast stations just
before and after 0400z.  RA4LW made it into the log at 0441z, followed
by SP3BQ and LY2ZZ.  

Was calling UT7EC on 1830 (no luck) and noticed the spots for 5B4AGM.  
I tune into a large pileup - send my call a few times, and he comes
right back.  His signal fades after a few minutes.  Must have been
his sunrise peak.  N7UA reports working 4X4DK, who I heard a couple of
nights ago - but no QSO yet.

Work YO9HP, IT9ZGY and OZ7ZZ and then hear the loudest signal from
Europe for the evening - SV3RF is a solid 579.  Later when calling CQ
to Europe, PY2DO answers me and then at 0734, KH6AT stops by to 
complete my WAC in an evening.  ZL1GQ was icing on the cake later.

What a XMAS present!!  Even worked JW5NM (sorry about being a Lid -
lots of QSB and it took me forever to get his RST).

Thanks everyone for the QSOs - hope to work more tomorrow.

Tree N6TR / 7 
Boring, OR

PS: I made the "b" mistake in my last post...  sorry!!  

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