Topband: MT report W7lr at
Sat Dec 24 08:43:37 EST 2005

A great opening, well described by N6TR VE3CU W0FLS.  In our evening  when 
the band is so crowded I hardly ever call cq. Usually I put the cq  machine on 
in our mornings as the band is usually deserted, and maybe an s9 JA  will 
answer and then the band closes down again. 
Sometimes everything comes together as I did cq once on 1819.  I about  fell 
out of the chair as TR8CA with an s8 signal called me, for a new one, and  
sent 579.  It also required such good propagation, and for Alain to be up  before 
his sunrise.
Worked SM5EDX before our sunset, and later many regulars in Europe, many  
with big signals, like SV3RF loud for hours. Not all roses, as I heard  5B4AGM 
and EU1AB well enough to work but couldn't get thru the pileups. Couldn't  hear 
4X4WN nor VQ9LA.  Maybe a better result was helping someone else,  as
the qso with GM3YTS gave him a new state, MT. Like VE3CU I had to cut the  
evening short although I was sure by 06 and 07z the band would be still roaring. 
 As usual, back to the coffee pot.  73, Bob W7LR  

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