Topband: WEIRD condx last night

Charles Bibb zedkay at
Sat Dec 24 09:44:08 EST 2005

Hi, topbanders

All these glowing reports of amazing conditions last night have me somewhat 
puzzled (and pulling my hair out).

Is there such a thing as "ANTI-searchlight" propagation? I know there was 
lots of activity on the band last night. Heck, even if I hadn't had the 
radio on, just from watching the packet-cluster spots the band was hot - 
for most everyone EXCEPT me, that is!  It's hard to belive that DX was 
rolling in for BOTH coasts, but not much for this area. Heard very few 
(only one that I remember) US stations from the mid-South or lower Midwest 
calling in the pileups.

I did work a few Europeans with good signals, but no new ones. But, even 
then, conditions seemed only about average for a typical EU opening. Only 
heard the pileups of stations calling VQ9LA, EU1AB, 5B4AGM, 9H1ZA, etc. - 
never heard the actual DX. And when I saw the spots for TR8CA, I excitedly 
switched over to the east Beverage, thinking I might work a new one - but 
heard nary a peep.  Thought you guys were making that one up! I can usually 
hear Africa when I can't hear Europe.

Did any one else in 5- or 4-land notice the same condx as I did?

Charles - K5ZK

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