Topband: WEIRD condx last night

Luis Mansutti IV3PRK luisprk at
Sun Dec 25 05:51:52 EST 2005

Merry Christmas to all !

Charles, K5ZK wrote:
> All these glowing reports of amazing conditions last night have me 
> somewhat
> puzzled (and pulling my hair out).
> Is there such a thing as "ANTI-searchlight" propagation? I know there was
> lots of activity on the band last night. Heck, even if I hadn't had the
> radio on, just from watching the packet-cluster spots the band was hot -
> for most everyone EXCEPT me, that is!  It's hard to belive that DX was
> rolling in for BOTH coasts, but not much for this area. Heard very few
> (only one that I remember) US stations from the mid-South or lower Midwest
> calling in the pileups.
The same from this part of Europe, Charles.
I have been cqing for hours, until my sunrise, and I didn't get ant further 
than W8 in Michigan!
I have only an "average" station without Beverages (and got my 160 WAS in 
1997), but yesterday no joy also from Miro, OM5RW and Dan, S50U (who is in 
my same grid JN66 - but with a much better contest setup on the mountains). 
And many others from northern Italy to southern Germany were on.
It should be interesting to have more detailed reports from the West Coast 
friends in order to figure out a map of such outstanding conditions.
It seems that the signals were unable to get out of the duct above our area 
here, ...unable to find a hole in the bottom E layer.
Conditions appeared to be very good from WC to northern EU, with a a path 
distance below 9.000 km. (plus DF2PY in central Germany with a super 
station), and even better with the Mediterraneum area (SV3RF, IT9ZGY, 9H1ZA, 
5B4AGM) with a path over 10.000 km.
Furthermore those cndx appeared to be lasting for hours, while usually 
ducting conditions are very spotty and unstable.
I think that Carl, K9LA or Bob, NM7M could explain that.

But that's 160 meters and for sure the good days will come for us also, 
(with the needed hole in the duct for a 9.000/9.900 km. path, hi!)

Merry Christmas again and an happy new year!


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