Topband: WEIRD condx last night

Danilo Brelih danilo.brelih at
Mon Dec 26 11:25:14 EST 2005

Luis Mansutti IV3PRK wrote:

>It seems that the signals were unable to get out of the duct above
 >our area  here, ...unable to find a hole in the bottom E layer.
>Conditions appeared to be very good from WC to northern EU, with a
 >a path distance below 9.000 km.

And was opposite situation from today. As Luis said CQ two days ago 
produce no joy in central EU today we can manage to log several from
left side around SR. However Marko, OH3XR had marginal signals from
that region and pipeline duct hole was absolute on central EU.

Tree, N6TR/7 was +20db over S9 on 80m well into the sun here, also
ZL1UO was worked 30 min. past SR on long path.

BTW it's first time I heard KL7Y is issued to other guy after Dan
leave as and I had some call sign confusion on KW7Y from WA.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006 de Dan, S50U

S50CLX - Cerkno LinuX - Palk DXCluster

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