Topband: Season's Greeting's

robert briggs vk3zl at
Sat Dec 24 15:53:16 EST 2005

Hi to all this Christmas day.I have just had another good DX run with EU this morning bringing my total of contact's since November 25 to 141.Sorry I missed out on the opening to the US the other night but I had wall to wall lightning and had the shack disconnected.To those who have a difficult time catching DX don't give up. Persistance is the secret.Keep trying and eventually you will get that break.

I worked my first 160 Dx in 1979 and that gave me the bug.I havn't switched the rig off since and I still get a buzz when the signal's start rolling in.I get a lot of pleasure when a station call's me to say I am his first VK on 160 as I know how he is feeling.Been there done that.

I guess I am trying to say I appreciate the freindship and good humor I share with all you fellow ham's and I would like to pass on a Merry Christmas to everybody and wish you all a full and DXy New Year.

Compliment's From Bob VK3ZL..

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