Topband: Condx last night and this am

Dan Kovatch w8car at
Tue Dec 27 09:32:06 EST 2005

Greetings of the season,

In Ohio last night (Monday) was hearing and working EU before my sundown. 
Several I, G and GM stations were coming through. The band then seemed to 
fade down to nothing at around 2300Z. EU at 0300-0400 were weak and watery.

This morning I heard the first JA stations in years -copied the best on the 
short (300 ft) BOG to the west. They were out of the noise an hour before 
sunrise-quite unusual for me. I called JA1HQT and JA8ISU to no avail. They 
seemed to work stations up to western PA then only west of me in WI,TX, etc. 
I did hr some southern Ohio stations work them but no joy here.

Guess I need to start checking every morning.

Now , how can I get that vertical higher??

Dan W8CAR 

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