Topband: Skew Path

Larry Molitor w7iuv at
Tue Dec 27 09:35:14 EST 2005

 Last night was unusual in that not only were  the signals from Europe arriving here via skew path, I was also able to  work a couple.
  Around 0530 I noted that all the European signals that were being  spotted were best on my 90° Beverage and they were fairly strong.  Normally when skew path is in play, I cannot work anything at all. This  time I noticed that I could hear most of the euro's quite well on my  inverted V. Normally all I hear on the V is the local power lines!
  Just for fun I called and worked OM2XW and SP3BQ using the inverted V.  That was the first time I've worked anything but VK's with that antenna!
  Larry - W7IUV
  DN07dg - central WA

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