Topband: Skew Path

Tree tree at
Tue Dec 27 11:02:06 EST 2005

W7IUV noticed:

> Just for fun I called and worked OM2XW and SP3BQ using the inverted V.  
> That was the first time I've worked anything but VK's with that antenna!

I noticed my 70 degree beverage (don't have any other one yet to Europe) was
working very well last night to Europe.  Stations like OH3XR had almost no 
QSB on them at all and I was finally able to work G3XGC for the first time
this season.

This AM - I finally discovered my inverted vee at 100 feet does indeed work
as JA7OEM gave me a 579 with it, and a 559 with the vertical.  Also, his
signal was coming in pretty much the same regardless of Beverage direction.
Clearly a high angle event.  

There are strange things afoot on the Topband for sure.

73 Tree N6TR
tree at

PS: Sorry for the backup of message - Bill was away and I was supposed to take
care of them - but got too carried away with the band openings.

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