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Tue Dec 27 20:49:17 EST 2005

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From: "Charles Bibb"

> First, what does electric fence RFI noise sound like?

I have to deal with e-fences constantly Charles.  There are no less than 9 
fenced pastures/paddocks within a mile of my house (at last count). 
Yesterday afternoon I think I may have spotted another.  A foggy or rainy 
night here on 160m is a cacophany of clicks and buzzes of various periods 
and magnitude.  All the ones I hear are between 0.7 and 1.3 seconds.

> Second, how far away can electric fence noise be heard.

The worst offender I had was about .25 second buzzing at S9+20 that wiped me 
out.  I had an old shielded loop for 80m attached to homebrew receiver, and 
a 120 mhz Moxon on my AM airband handheld and went hunting.  The fence was 
1.2 miles from my house - and I could hear the arcing and snapping from 30 
feet away by ear.  Fortunately the owner was open-minded and accomodating 
and we got it properly grounded and insulated.

Good luck,
Steve KK7UV

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