Topband: Electric fences

Jon Zaimes AA1K jz73 at
Wed Dec 28 01:48:20 EST 2005

Hi Charles,

I have had electric fence noise from 8-10 miles away.

It usually comes in two forms. 

One is a steady or intermittent tick, tick, tick .... the sound of the make/brake switch in the fence charger (the fence itself unfortunately serves as the antenna).

The other is a pulsating hash, created when the fence wire arcs to ground (if the wire stretches or breaks), to vegetation that has grown close to it, or at a poor splice in the fence wire.

I've never traced RFI to a digital clock. The only other tick, tick noise I have observed similar to the first fence noise is at a flashing traffic light a mile and a half from my house. But I never hear that at the home station, even with a Beverage pointed at it. I only hear it when I drive right under it with my mobile rig. 

The pulsating hash fence noise may sound similar to power line noise, but is distinguished by the regular pulsing of the fence.

73/Jon AA1K

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