Topband: Morning EU

Larry Molitor w7iuv at
Thu Dec 29 13:34:20 EST 2005

First of all, I can compute the GCB myself. I  didn't want what the computer thinks, I want what others have  experienced on the air.
  Second, RA4LW's lat/long is incorrect on This is not unusual.  Usint the lat/long Jim found would put Vlad in China. His actual is  54.2 N, 49.6 E for a GCB of 6° short and about 200° long path.
  Third, this was my morning 1500z. Long path on 40 is around 225° as is anything I hear from EU on 80/75 at 1500z.
  RA4LW, OH3XR, and UN5J were all best between my 30° Beverage and my  320° Beverage, except for a few minutes just before sunrise when the  path shifted briefly to the SW.
  So again what is the "normal" path for west coast USA to Europe "long path" on topband??
  73, Larry - W7IUV

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