Topband: Tree EWE, Jamie WW3S

Michael Sapp Michael_Sapp_WA3TTS at
Thu Dec 29 16:45:35 EST 2005

Tree EWE

        I have a pair of back to back EWEs pointing NE and SW, all
tree supported. The termination ends loop over an Apple tree branch
and come down to ground a few feet away from the trunk. The feed ends
are more or less parallel to the other tree trunks with about 4-6 inches
separation on one tree and about a foot away from the trunk of the other.
Did this so that deer and all the kids in the neighborhood don't walk into
seems to work fine. The capacitive coupling should be small after 6 inches
so of spacing, at least thats what I've learned adding 1/4 wave wire stubs
to my vertical with a 1-1/4 in diameter main monopole. Make sure you use
isolated pri and sec on the matching transformer and tweak the terminations
for broadest
SWR dips. Ferrite cores on the coax ends never hurt, Surplus Sales has type
43 .4 ID cores for cheap in quantity (40 cents ea)

                        Mike WA3TTS
for multiband operation

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