Topband: Morning EU

Larry Molitor w7iuv at
Thu Dec 29 17:41:10 EST 2005

Putting together the direct observations by Bob, N7UA, and the info from Bill, W4ZV, helps make sense out of my experiece.
  It would seem that while Bob, about 150 miles west of me, was hearing  the EU signals on "long path", I was hearing them short path, at least  for a part of the time. I never did hear any echo or aurora note on any  of the three EU's I copied. 
  It would be nice to hear from RA4LW and OH3XR to see what directions they observed.
  While I can frequently hear SW long path on 80/75, I have never before  heard any on 160. Earlier this season I heard VQ9LA on three occasions.  Never well enough to work him, but all three times he was heard with  the 320° Beverage, never with the SW wire. I would have expected to see  him form the SW or possibly straight west rather than NW.
  Larry - W7IUV

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