Topband: EWEs in trees

Charles W. Shaw chasshaw at
Thu Dec 29 17:46:39 EST 2005

GE to Everyone,

	To add only slightly to the discussion, take a look at the second article 
by the EWE's designer "More EWEs for You" on the SSA Member Web pages and 
you will notice that the wires are close spaced (maybe an inch) to a 
treated 4x4 post without use of any additional insulation.  Fastened 
directly to metal screw eyes in the post!  Both original articles are worth 
reviewing by anyone contemplating construction of one of these EWEsful 
receiving antennas.	

	Trees trunks and branches spaced a bit farther should not be a real 
concern in my view and based upon experiments around this station.

Charles - N5UL
Hobbs, NM 

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