Topband: Lot of VK's on 160m this nite

Petr Ouředník indians at
Thu Dec 29 18:18:45 EST 2005

Hi all,

as many of You know > really excellent openning to VK has been this evenning.
Just short cluster info listed below showing the great openning to VK in EU...

GM3YTS     1823.0 VK6IP                                     2119 29 Dec
IK1YDB     1831.0 VK6DXI                                    2109 29 Dec
OH2RF      1826.0 VK6ABL      sri call                      2108 29 Dec
OH2RF      1826.0 VK6ABW      cq dx                         2107 29 Dec
OH2RF      1831.1 VK6DXI      cq dx loud                    2057 29 Dec
OH2RF      1823.1 VK6IP       cq DX                         2055 29 Dec
IK1YDB     1823.0 VK6IP                                     2054 29 Dec
OH2BO      1823.0 VK6IP       CQ                            2030 29 Dec
SP6IHE-@   1827.5 VK3ZL       CQ CQ                         1921 29 Dec
S50A       1827.5 VK3ZL                                     1912 29 Dec
RA4LW      1827.6 VK3ZL       still 579 Bob                 1846 29 Dec
SP5EWY     1827.5 VK3ZL                                     1838 29 Dec
VK3QI-@    1823.5 VK3QI       cq dx eu                      1825 29 Dec
SM5CEU-@   1829.3 VK6DXI      calling n7ua                  1525 29 Dec

Unfortunatelly after moving my old QTH I am not able to work, just trying to lsn on the band using different of receiving antennas to find right one for me > in co-operation and with BIG help from Pete, W2PM. I would like to special thanks to him for his ability to help me so much ! 

What is an interesting to me is really strong openning  to that path > is there some possibility to forecast it in the future for week or so...? Is this phenomenon in harmony with the current  great condx on Top or is there something more to know needed specially to this "hard" direction? 

Than You for any suggestions.

73, Petr OK1RP
(ex OL1BVR, OK1PRR) 

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