Topband: Beverage above chain link fence

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  Hi all,

  Probably the only way I will ever have a Beverage antenna at this QTH is 
  to run it along the top of a chain link fence. I understand that a 
  Beverage really needs to have poor to mediocre ground under it in order 
  that the wave tilt will induce current in the Beverage wire. So running 
  it above a chain link fence may make it not function as a Beverage 
  antenna at all. I also realize that one more receive antenna option that 
  can be selected is better than not having that option, even if it 
  doesn't work optimally. I'd would like to hear your opinions about the 
  utility of this antenna. Is it worth trying? How high above the chain 
  link fence would be good? What if it could only be a few inches? How 
  about weaving the wire in the chain link? (I suspect that would be 
  useless, but what the heck)

  One of the most rewarding things about Ham radio is the fun of trying things that may or may not work. I say try it. Keep the wire as far above the fence as you can and see what happens.
  John K9DX

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