Topband: Beverage above chain link fence

John Vickers wa4tt at
Thu Dec 29 23:58:33 EST 2005

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From: "Ken Brown"
Subject: Topband: Beverage above chain link fence
 So running
> it above a chain link fence may make it not function as a Beverage
> antenna at all. > I'd would like to hear your opinions about the
> utility of this antenna. Is it worth trying?

Several yrs ago I had a 1000 ft Bev suspended (2 ft) above a 4 wire electric 
fence. The fence was used to cut of a pasture and was not energized all the 
time. It was pointed at S. Europe and worked poor to fair. I installed 
another identical wire 15 feet away from the fence and it worked much better 
than the first. The 1st was removed and used in another direction.

I would only use that method if I had no other choice. In your case--- it 
can surely be better than none at all. Good luck.
73, John WA4TT

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