Topband: 160 this morning

Dick & Millicent Duccini blue356 at
Sat Dec 31 08:23:43 EST 2005

Hi guys & gals - I'm still picking myself up off the floor - Just worked
Mike VK6HD this morning - he answered on my first call after going split.
 What a difference that makes!!  This should be common practice just like
the higher bands.  1-up is all it takes.  Worked ON4WW and RA6AX the
other night too. This all may be no big deal to some of you (Tom, etc)
but I'm just running 100 watts to a dipole and that's it.  Pretty
exciting times on 160 for the new guy. BTW, I'm in Asheville NC which at
times is certainly an advantage with my K6 call - but then, I need all
the help I can get :o)    Thanks guys for all the great info and
inspiration given here on the reflector.  HAPPY NEW YEAR & all the best -
and remember - It doesn't take big antennas and power to work DX on 160 -
It's all timing & patience, not to mention propagation (and a few other
mystery/mystical variables)
Dick - K6VKO
Asheville NC

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