Topband: elevated radial/ground radial question

Dan Kovatch w8car at
Sat Dec 31 10:42:34 EST 2005

Happy New Year,

I have been using an Inverted L with 3 elevated radials for over 10 years 
with good success. No ground radials-yet. I have recently reread all I can 
find on the tradeoffs with this approach and decided to put out at least 16 
temporary radials on the ground below the 160 antenna. I realize there 
should be no connection between this ground and the elevated radials.

My question: -Is there anyone on the list who has been using elevated 
radials, then added ground radials and measured or 'noticed' any difference 
in their signal? I realize this topic is still not suported by many 
'measured' results besides the W8JI numbers that I have seen. I guess I'm 
looking for some validation of the effort I'm about to expend to feel 
louder-even if only 3 DB or so (cheaper than a new amp).

What say?

'wired in Ohio' 

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