Topband: ft1000mp mkv key click mod

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Sat Dec 31 15:13:22 EST 2005

> HNY all.. just came from w8ji web on key click mods for
the ft1000mp mkv and if i understand what I was reading
there is really no satisfactory improvement that can be made
to reduce key clicks on that radio, some improvement but not whats the fix besides selling the rig to a
SSB'er and getting another rig that has no key click
problem, i'm trying to help a freind with his problem and
was doing the research to that end and came away with the
conclusion that if i had that rig i'd sell it I
misunderstanding something??

My web page says the keyclick mod for the MKV, like other
radios, is a patch for poor initial design.

It would be better to have a total cure where the radio is
engineered to have minimum bandwidth, perhaps something like
Ten Tec did in the Orion where the waveform is a raised
sine-shaped rise and fall, but installing the correct time
constants in the simple RC filter Yaesu uses is still much
better than doing nothing at all. It at least makes the
radio acceptable under all but  close-spaced strong-signal

73 Tom

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