Topband: ft1000mp mkv key click mod

Iowaguy earlham at
Sat Dec 31 14:24:24 EST 2005

>From experience, a word of caution...the INRAD clix mod, while relatively
simple, takes you well into the bowels of the radio.  There are many
connectors which must be removed, some of which are pretty fragile.  To
compound things, in a couple of steps the instructions did not seem clear to
me.  In spite of my careful approach in doing the mod, I ended up with no RF
output and finally had to send the rig to the shop (obviously, I wasn't
careful enough).  In any case, be very careful, deliberate, and proceed
slowly when doing the mod.  Have a squeaky clean bench, lots of light, and a
good magnifying glass to check for solder bridges.  Unlike a 75A4, the MP is
relatively fragile and clearly not meant to be disassembled or worked on
very much.


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