Topband: ft1000mp mkv key click mod

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Sat Dec 31 15:40:01 EST 2005

>          If my memory is correct, Yaesu implemented
> mod in all MP's after about August 2004 (or 2003?)  Tom's
> own site says his MP mod takes it from being one of the
> worst to one of the best, so I am not sure why he is so
> negative on the Mark V unless there were some circuitry
> changes from the original MP to the Mark V and Field.
> mod makes me think not.

I'm not negative about the MK V in particular, it's just
disappointing to see Yaesu repeated the same mistakes made
in earlier models.

1.) A 2.5mS rise and fall is still too fast unless it is
shaped perfectly, and it would be quite easy to correct that
problem only by spending a few weeks of engineering time on
the radio. It wouldn't increase manufacturing cost at all.

2.) They still miss the boat on the noise blanker, repeating
the same mistake they have been making since the original
FT1000. IMO giving up 10 dB or more of close-spaced dynamic
range in the receiver when the cure would require only
rerouting one foil trace (what, a five minute fix?) is
reason enough to express disappointment.

The last two new radios I bought have been MK V's. I
certainly won't be cheerful when I have to disassemble and
fix a brand new radio before I can use it, even if it is one
of the better radios on the market.

73 Tom

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