Topband: ? re Electric fence wire - connection - fence QRN suppression

John Rogers JohnG3PQA at
Mon Jan 3 04:15:46 EST 2005

Thanks for describing it precisely!
The only addition I would suggest for a long term fix is to cover the self-
amalgamating/annealing tape with a layer of PVC tape, as have found here it
sometimes degrades.
73's John

(Quote from 4X4NJ email)
I used either "wire nuts", or the connectors that are common in
Europe (2 screws into metal sleeve surrounded by plastic insulation, but I
removed the plastic insulation - sold in the USA by Radio Shack).  After
twisting the wires tightly together, they were smeared with conductive
grease (Noalox, Penetrox, or similar).  Next, the wires were put into the
fastening device which was tightened, and finally weatherproofed using
self-annealing rubber tape. I've never had problems with such connections
several of which gave years of good service in the harsh climate (uv,
temperature, moisture & dryness) at 4X4NJ.

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