Topband: N2XE Beacon Tribune - W4ZV Sets World Record!!

John C Ceccherelli cecchere at
Mon Jan 3 09:49:34 EST 2005 least as far as I can tell.  I'm not sure if anyone actually keeps
track of such things but as far as I can tell, nobody has received a weaker
signal over a greater distance on 80 meters so...

Bill Tippett, W4ZV, of New London, NC correctly copied code word OMAHA from
the N2XE beacon transmitting with a peak carrier power of .0000406 watts.
Bill confirmed reception of the beacon at 2328Z, January 2, 2005.  The
precise distance between the two stations using lat/long instead of grid
squares is 546.8 miles.

The beacon peak carrier output was measured using an Agilent 8563EC
Spectrum Analyzer (good to fempto-watt range) at 40.6 uW.  This establishes
Bill's record reception distance at 13,467,980 miles per watt.

Aside from the exceptional signal processor between Bill's ears, a Ten Tec
Orion Transceiver with a 1000 foot Beverage antenna was used.

W4ZV was the ONLY station to report hearing the diminutive signal.  A
remarkable acheivement--congratulations Bill!

In other news...

N2XE was running some unannounced sea trials on160 meters, 1825 KHz.
Although this was only a shake-down cruise of 160 meter equipment and only
on-the-air for 35 minutes at 1/2 watt, three stations correctly received
the signal!

If you copied ORION... you're right!

K3JJG, ED    PA    FM29    156mi    589    R4C/SLINKY BEV
N1BUG, PAUL,    ME    FN55     350mi    599+
W1TO, TOM    MA    FN32    79mi    579    1000MP/INV L

Good work gentlemen!

Tonight's beacon will be running on 160 meters at or about 100mW for the
maiden voyage on the top band.  An announcement will follow.


John Ceccherelli

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