Topband: 3G0, TF4M, noise

N1BUG paul at
Fri Jan 14 07:38:02 EST 2005

I'm not going to whine about last night because I worked 4 
new ones!!!!  But sure couldn't do any good with 3G0YP.

I was listening to the 40m op at 3G0 when he said QSY 160... 
so I was there right from the start and stayed until they 
left top band.  The best peaks were 339 if I exaggerate a 
little!  Most of the time nil.  Yes, I know... most people 
were hearing them very well.  Was anyone else in the 
northeast U.S./Canada struggling with them or was it just 
me?   There was a fairly pronounced propagation peak 1100z 
- 1145z on 80m this morning... so maybe if we could get 'em 
on 160 then...

From sunset until I discovered how to get rid of it 
(~0300z), I was plagued by S9+ noise.  Classic 120Hz pulse 
noise, AC power related in some way.  Then I discovered 
whenever I transmitted at full power for a minute or two it 
would go away and stay gone for 30 minutes or so!?  I made 
sure to send some RF up the line every few minutes after 
discovering that.  I had icing conditions at the time... 
rain and below freezing temps.  I wonder if the noise was 
being generated in on my antenna or tower somewhere.  The 
whole thing sits beside a 46 kV power line.  Noise was not 
a factor on copying 3G0, since I had discovered how to keep 
it away by then.

TF4M made another attempt this morning.  I worked Thor at 
1012z.  I didn't hear anyone work him after I did, but 
didn't listen long.

Sun's up... time to sleep.  Looks like another all night 
vigil for me tonight if I want to maximize my chances of 
getting 3G0 in the log.

Paul,  N1BUG

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